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Dress Code

Desert Sun Academy has a mandatory dress code for all elementary school students:

Tops: Red, white or navy blue knitted or dry-fit golf shirts (with collar):

  • Short or long sleeves with an official Desert Sun Academy crest/logo (available from Dylan Solutions).
  • Friday’s students can wear DSA spirit t-shirts or Cactus Shadows or Sonoran Trails shirts.
  • No other tops are acceptable.

Bottoms: Khaki/Tan, Black or Navy Blue:

  • BOYS - Neat chinos, neat cotton fitted shorts, walking shorts or  cargo shorts
  • GIRLS – Skirts, pants, capris, jumpers, scooters / skorts or shorts; leggings are acceptable during colder weather but must be under shorts or a skirt. 
  • No stripes, embroidery, sweat pants, color trimmed or athletic bottoms
  • Bottoms may be purchased from any store that carries uniform-type children’s clothing.


  • Navy / Red caps with the official Desert Sun Academy logo - (available only from Dylan Solutions).
  • Cactus Shadows/Sonoran Trails gear is acceptable.
  • No other caps are acceptable and caps can only be worn outside.

Other dress code rules: 

  • A black or brown belt is required if the pants are loose.  It is recommended, but not required if your pants are snug around the waist.
  • Shorts/skirts must be below mid-thigh.
  • Shoes / sneakers must be neat, safe and appropriate.  Laces must be tied.
  • No flip-flops or water shoes are permitted.
  • No athletic / gym type shorts are permitted.
  • The principal or teachers will determine whether the clothing complies with the Desert Sun Academy dress code.  If students are out of uniform, they will need to “borrow” a uniform from the health office and return it ironed and folded the next day, OR call home and have a parent bring a uniform to school.

Winter/Cold Weather Rules:

On very cold days, students may need to wear hoodies, jackets, sweatshirts, or sweaters over their school uniform.

  • Outer garments must be solid Red, White or Blue if the student plans to wear them throughout the day. No other colors are acceptable.  They may not have any trim, stripes, pictures, writing, or athletic logos. Options are available through Dylan Solutions with the DSA logo.
  • Teachers may ask students to remove outerwear in the classroom.
  • A long sleeve shirt may be worn under a uniform short sleeve shirt on chilly days.
  • Students are permitted to wear a heavier jacket to recess on colder days. This jacket can be a color other than dress code colors and is only to be worn out to recess.